About the Conversationalist Agency

Headquartered in London, UK - we are a global business insights and intelligence agency providing expert multilingual Social Media Analysis to Agencies and Enterprise for better customer understanding. We conduct Social Listening, Multilingual Social Media Monitoring and Social Media Analytics for global projects across all social listening tools, social platforms, channels and geographies.

Our Mission is to support Agencies and Enterprise in answering business questions and developing actionable customer insights globally. Our job is to make your strategic social listening efforts scalable and successful.

Our Social Listening Analysts work with your project team to extend your company's language and analysis capabilities on a project or hourly basis.

About our Social Listening Analysts

Our Social Listening Analysts are experienced Social Listeners, many of whom have previously worked directly for Enterprise Social Listening providers like Synthesio, Brandwatch, Radian6 to name a few. Each of our Analysts is not only experienced in Social Listening, Boolean Search, Social Media Analytics, and Social Listening Tools & Software - but also receives ongoing training as new tools, software and social platforms are launched.

One of the key features of our Analysts that provides both value and expertise is that our Analysts are situated within the country or region they are doing the Social Listening on. This provides cultural expertise and keen insight into regional language nuance - but is cost effective for our clients.

Our Analysts are great at working independently and within teams. Each of our Analysts is part of a regional pod - consisting of several Analysts with related geographies and language, and aligned with a Regional Manager. This Manager provides oversight for the Analysts and ensures consistent levels of quality Analysis and results across projects. Learn more about the over 50+ languages our Analysts work in and contact us to find out more about our Social Listening, Social Media Analytics and reporting services.