China’s Singles Day – a closer look at the biggest consumption fest on earth

Author: Peter Chen Last Friday, an image shared in my WeChat group chat grabbed my attention as I was in the middle of catching up on the tweets published by President Trump during his visit to China.   The Cambridge Company Satchel Company’s sales page.  The image above was shared by one of my friends, […] Read more

Emerging Trends & Top Manufacturers: What Drove Conversations at the Frankfurt Motorshow?

Last month, TCA attended the IAA Motorshow in Frankfurt, one of the biggest events in the auto industry calendar. Critical for the world’s top car manufacturers, the event offered BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi the opportunity to show off their latest concept cars and standout models, all reflecting this year’s key trends: Electric Vehicles […] Read more

Oct, 06, 2017


UpVote our #SXSW Panel Pitches and send the TCA team to Austin

For most people, August is a month to relax and enjoy the end of summer. But, for all of us in the digital and tech industries, putting our feet up is the last thing on our mind. With the vote opening for the SXSW Panel Pickers, we’re all busy doing our best to secure a […] Read more

Aug, 10, 2017


TCA is coming to #SXSW 2017 and our Social Listening Meet-Up will be unmissable. Here’s why.

At TCA, we believe that conversations are not just data points and social listening isn’t just an answer that pops out of a social listening tool when you hit a button. We truly believe that you need human analysis to generate actionable insights from online conversations to understand the nuances of each language and the […] Read more

The Conversationalist Agency to Showcase Innovation in Social Media Intelligence as One of The “Best of British” Companies at Prestigious South by Southwest Event in US

LONDON, UK Agency will showcase the latest in global reaching multilingual social intelligence as one of only 17 UK businesses sharing cutting-edge ideas and services London, UK. 16 February, 2017 – The Conversationalist Agency® (TCA)—a premier social intelligence provider of multilingual, global social insights—today announced it has been selected as a “Best of British” company […] Read more

Vote now for 3 #SXSW panel pitches from the TCA community you won’t want to miss!

Every year, Austin Texas holds SXSW Interactive conference, with thousands of experts exchanging ideas on everything, from digital marketing to robotics. Every year, the Panel Picker allows you to select who you would like to see at SXSW, whether you will be there for the event or just watching the videos online. For SXSW 2017, […] Read more

Aug, 08, 2016


Global Social Listening requires human analysis – not Google Translate

Successful social listening requires an understanding of not just the language in a literal sense, but figuratively, culturally, contextually and tonally. While software can help translate – language is more nuanced than translation software and tools can accurately process. When speaking face to face, we rely on visual cues to help us better understand what […] Read more

4 reasons why you need human analysis to listen into social

We know that online conversations are not just data points, we also know that social listening is an art, a real skill, not something that can just be bolted onto a junior associate’s role. While most businesses make an investment in social listening tools or platforms, the same old questions comes up time and time […] Read more

Capturing the essence of SXSWi 2016 from afar

SXSW interactive 2016 has come and gone. What a whirlwind and I wasn’t even physically there. Like many watching from the sidelines, I was trying to keep abreast of the plethora of conversations around this fascinating five day event. I, like many others,  followed numerous of the brightest sparks not only presenting but attending from agencies […] Read more

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