Capturing the essence of SXSWi 2016 from afar

SXSW interactive 2016 has come and gone. What a whirlwind and I wasn’t even physically there.

Like many watching from the sidelines, I was trying to keep abreast of the plethora of conversations around this fascinating five day event. I, like many others,  followed numerous of the brightest sparks not only presenting but attending from agencies and businesses all over the globe. I set up ‘trending hashtags’ lists and of course kept abreast of the SXSWi schedule to dip in to panel discussions and sessions. But with over 635,000 tweets alone (that’s the last time I checked, that number is still shooting up), the volume of online content has been immense. So much so that it can be hard to listen into the conversations that you really want to capture insight and viewpoints from. So how best to separate the signal from noise?

So in an attempt to hone in and capture some key findings and interesting points made not only from the panellists but also the audience at SXSWi this year, I produced three storify boards with some of the best snippets of conversation that we really care about at The Conversationalist Agency. I hope you find these useful too. It’s also worth me mentioning that we set up a Twitter SXSW list. It’s certainly worth a gander if you want to catch up on outcomes following SXSW 16 from leading industry experts.

  • Storify board one looks to the future capturing conversations around what’s on the horizon: artifiicial intelligence, big data, bots, trending markets etc
  • Storfiy board two focuses on the end consumer – the customer. So here we look at compelling content and how brands are using social channels to connect
  • Storify board three entitled ‘moving beyond words in the social arena’ focuses on the role of images, emjoi and video and how as organizations we can capture insight from these new forms of communication.

Want to catch up on a bit more news? Please check out the blog post from Co-Founder Jackie Cuyvers pre SXSW interactive.

This blog post is from Bekki Smith, Communications Manager at the TCA.