China’s Singles Day – a closer look at the biggest consumption fest on earth

Author: Peter Chen Last Friday, an image shared in my WeChat group chat grabbed my attention as I was in the middle of catching up on the tweets published by President Trump during his visit to China.   The Cambridge Company Satchel Company’s sales page.  The image above was shared by one of my friends, […] Read more

Emerging Trends & Top Manufacturers: What Drove Conversations at the Frankfurt Motorshow?

Last month, TCA attended the IAA Motorshow in Frankfurt, one of the biggest events in the auto industry calendar. Critical for the world’s top car manufacturers, the event offered BMW, Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and Audi the opportunity to show off their latest concept cars and standout models, all reflecting this year’s key trends: Electric Vehicles […] Read more

Oct, 06, 2017


UpVote our #SXSW Panel Pitches and send the TCA team to Austin

For most people, August is a month to relax and enjoy the end of summer. But, for all of us in the digital and tech industries, putting our feet up is the last thing on our mind. With the vote opening for the SXSW Panel Pickers, we’re all busy doing our best to secure a […] Read more

Aug, 10, 2017