We believe that onlineconversations are not data points.

They are conversations between human beings. Therefore - to develop Actionable Insights from these conversations human analysis is required. Many different companies and social listening software rely solely on computer based analysis, using text analytics and natural language processing and computer translation to help analyse conversations. As advanced as these tools and software are - they miss the attributes of conversation that are key to insight, including: Tone, Irony, Cultural Context, Idioms, Text Speak, Channel specific jargon, Demographics and Regional Nuance

Humans are better than machines at understanding and contextualizing:

Cultural Context
Text Speak
Channel specific jargon
Demographic specific terms
Regional Nuance


Idioms are a challenge for computers and software - as they aren't a literal translation of a phrase - but rather a culturally accepted or regional expression.

Take for example these two phrases in English:

"Kick the bucket" which refers to someone dying


"Raining cats and dogs" which refers to heavy rains

Both of these idioms are very different in other regions and languages.
  • Slovenian
  • German
  • Frog
  • France