Social Listening and Global Insights at #SXSW Interactive 2016

This year, I applied for a speaking pitch for #SXSWI 2016 who’s title was about “good crack.” Was my session about crack? Well not exactly, I wanted to talk about the word crack and use it to illustrate how culture, context, and location make all the difference in online communication. Unfortunately I didn’t get selected this time, but you can view my video pitch and the warm commentary from others within the community here.

This year as I head out to SXSWI for the 7th time, I’m eager to learn, discuss and debate social listening with emphasis on local language, nuance, text-chat and how we measure the rapid rise in conversations happening through images, videos and emojis.

You’ll certainly find me taking my seat at Get the Message! The Rise of Conversational UI in which we’ll be learning more about the role of text in conversational commerce and The Linguistic Secrets Found in Billions of Emoji. Naturally I’m keen to hear how cultures and nationalities use emoji differently.

With over 3 billion of us already online and this number set to double over the next decade as mainly Non-English speakers from Africa, Asia and South America join the social space, the question remains: How will we plan for truly understanding and drawing insights from local markets in the future?  

When we talk about context in the social listening space, we still seem to be talking about the way content is published, distributed and promoted. But we don’t seem to be having all that many conversations around how global conversations are switching from words to include text speak abbreviations, numbers and emojies and are no longer just in the English language.

In this ever changing digital landscape, image sharing and symbols is the language of the future. If we want tap into these new market to obtain big data and insight then we need to pay attention to new waves of communication but also have the expertise to understand the conversation in relation to where it’s exactly happening. It’s not just the case of understanding the language spoken but also the dialect, slang, tone, sentiment and humour to really grasp the true essence of the conversation.

Here’s a quick round up of the sessions not-to-miss and their hashtags so you can follow the discussions:

The Linguistic Secrets Found in Billions of Emoji

Hacking Language: Bots, IF and Esolangs

Predicting War with Big Data

The Secrets of Machine Learning Revealed

Get the Message! The Rise of Conversational UI

Story Metric: The Most Important Analytical Tool 

#AskGaryVee IRL: Gary Vaynerchk Answers It All

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