Social listening opens new doors

Last week we caught up with Jackie Cuyvers, Jackie talked us through the power of harnessing social listening with emphasis on the pharma sector. Here we chat with Paul Brothers, (our other Co-Founder here at the TCA) to find out a little more about his background and the gap in the market that allowed him and Jackie the opportunity to set up shop. 

Q: Please share your background with us Paul?

I have over 10 years’ experience in E-Commerce, I started out developing E-Commerce solutions in the late 90s and continued through to 2013 when I joined an organisation called Visible Technologies (a social media listening platform). I was advising large scale organisations to engage with potential customers across different digital platforms. Social media opened up new doors for me to continue to connect businesses with their consumers.

It didn’t take me long to realise that many organisations didn’t have access to native international language speaking analysts available to provide the insight needed on multi-national campaigns and projects.

This was the ‘light bulb’ moment that allowed Jackie and I to put our heads together and launch The Conversationalist Agency.

Q) Tell us in your words what The Conversationalist Agency does?  

Our business proposition is simple and effective. We have built a team of the best social media analysts around the world and we make this team available to organisations that needs social listeners on the ground within their desired country. We provide these services often on tight timelines, seven days a week. I’m confident when I say I don’t think there is any other company out there that has breadth and depth of language, dialect and social listening skills that we have.

Q) What do you think are the challenges businesses face across sectors when it comes to embedding social listening into campaigns? 

The problem that we come across time and time again is that many businesses have invested in the right social listening tools but lack the expertise and resource in-house to utilise these tools to their fullest capabilities. Obtaining experienced analysts (fluent in the nuance of culture and language) to execute social listening effectively on a campaign still proves challenging for businesses of all sizes.

Q) What’s on the horizon? What’s the plan going forward/ any shares for 2016? 

We’ve grown quickly as demand for our services has grown exponentially. Our team of analysts is constantly growing to provide a wider scope of languages and dialects. We have access to analysts that are not only fluent in languages, culture and context of their regions but also are experts on new social media developments within their regions.

We are adding better value to a range of businesses and are providing the right kind of insight to push boundaries. We are witnessing bigger client budgets and with that naturally comes more adventurous client demands and requests!

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