Beer of the People or Worst Brew in the World? How the UK and South Korea Reacted to Gordon Ramsay’s Unlikely Brand Endorsement

Author: Mayuko Homma Thanks to his colourful language on TV shows such as Hell’s Kitchen and Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, UK based multi-Michelin Starred restaurateur Gordon Ramsay has made a name for himself on both sides of the Atlantic. In an attempt to boost his stardom in Asia, he recently accepted the role as the brand […] Read more

5 Key Tips Before Getting Started in Social Listening

  Author: Tamara Lucas Whether you’re contemplating using a social listening tool for the first time or have plenty of experience running social listening projects but these have failed to meet your hopes and expectations, this post will help you feel more confident about getting started on your next social listening venture. These 5 key […] Read more