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For most people, August is a month to relax and enjoy the end of summer. But, for all of us in the digital and tech industries, putting our feet up is the last thing on our mind. With the vote opening for the SXSW Panel Pickers, we’re all busy doing our best to secure a place at the influential interactive conference in Austin, Texas. This time, the TCA team is pitching a total of FIVE different, but equally innovative, ideas to present at SXSW 2018.

Whether you plan to be there in person or follow the coverage online, we’d be grateful for your support in UpVoting our talks. Feel free to add a comment and share the links with colleagues and friends!

So what talks are we pitching for SXSW 2018? Check them out here.


Social Listening MeetUp (Vol.2)

Following the success of last year’s meet up, we look forward to this opportunity to learn from our peers. As language and technology evolve, so does the skillset required to stay on top of them. Last year we had the opportunity to host this meeting and we’re proud to say it was a complete success. At this meetup, we will discuss the latest tools, tips and tricks in the world of Social Listening and Insights.

Don’t miss this opportunity to talk to other Social Listeners, discuss new innovations in Social Listening technology and techniques, and learn about new ways to leverage social insights to monitor and achieve business goals. Follow this link to upvote this session.



Cyborgs Not Robots: AI Won’t Replace Human Insight

While Artificial Intelligence is changing the ways we unlock value from social data, it will never replace human insights. In this session, our CEO Jackie Cuyvers deep dives into the opportunities that AI and Machine Learning could leverage in terms of efficiency and comprehension.

Curious about the opportunities that could become available to brands if they join forces with AI? Then this session is for you. Upvote it here.



Online Patient Voices > Wearable Data

Wearables were thought of as a new source of health data that would revolutionise healthcare, but wearables have failed to deliver a healthcare revolution. Meanwhile, the patient voice is still under-utilised, even though patient centricity is healthcare’s mission statement.

Patients and caregivers routinely discuss, share, and ask questions about their health online. These conversations hold a wealth of information and yet healthcare hasn’t figured out how to leverage this real time connection to patients and caregivers globally.

Danielle Ralic, our Chief Data Officer, will share her view on how to better tap into and understand the patient journey by using advanced applications of text analytics. Upvote this session to let Danielle show you how to learn about patients without extensive surveys.



Generationism – Is it just Astrology for Marketers?

While social media and artificial intelligence have opened the door to unprecedented levels of insights, marketers still continue to stereotype each generation based on truisms that applied years ago.

Oliver Lewis, our Insights Director, thinks that we should drop universal generalisations and use our new data streams to create micro segments that don’t make assumptions based on age. Don’t miss the chance to learn more about this — upvote Oliver Lewis’ session here!



GAFAM Vs BATX: The New Cold War Is Technological

After two years in Asia, our Senior Manager and favourite geek, Tamara Lucas, envisions a dystopian future where US’ and China’s big tech players control the users’ lives. How will we survive this new technological war?

Upvote this session if you want to send Tamara to Austin and she will share her experiences of living in Asia as part of her side project 2geeks1city.com




Remember, every vote matters! 30% of the selection process depends on your vote.

See you in Austin!

Aug, 10, 2017