Vote now for 3 #SXSW panel pitches from the TCA community you won’t want to miss!

Every year, Austin Texas holds SXSW Interactive conference, with thousands of experts exchanging ideas on everything, from digital marketing to robotics. Every year, the Panel Picker allows you to select who you would like to see at SXSW, whether you will be there for the event or just watching the videos online.

For SXSW 2017, our team at TCA has been involved in submitting three different proposals, and we would love if you could give our talks a thumbs up and maybe add a comment supporting the idea. If it’s your first time voting for SXSW panels, you will need to create an account first, but it’s very easy and quick, we promise! Your vote matters as 30% of the selection process comes from your vote.

Here’s a quick preview of the 3 items we need your support on

  1. A duo presentation with TCA & Circus Social

Jackie Cuyvers

Context is the new ROI of Social Media

Only by looking at Social Media content in context can we begin to truly measure the relevancy and value. Our co-founder Jackie Cuyvers teams up with  Prerna Pant, from Circus Social, to share how different approaches can come together to bring the context of the content today to life. By bridging cultural, lingual, visual, media type and platform – they will talk about how context is the only way left to gain perspective and truly measure relevance & value. If you’d like to have expertises view on how to get real ROI from social data, vote for this panel!


  1.  A solo presentation from Natalia a TCA Project Manager in Brazil

Natalia Leao
LATAM Millennials are Reinventing Entrepreneurship

Natália is a Project Manager here at TCA. She comes from Brazil and has worked and lived in countries as Russia, India and China. She will be discussing how technology has created a “boom” of young LATAM self-entrepreneurs, whose increasing impact on the workplace, workforce and LATAM culture is making waves globally. If you want to become an entrepreneur of your own life, vote for this panel!


  1.  A Meet Up to connect Social Listeners and Insights professionals

TCA logo

Social Listening Meet Up

Last, but certainly not least, TCA is happy to promote a Meetup where Social Listening professionals will have the opportunity to meet their peers and learn the latest tools, tips & tricks from other social listeners. If you want to join us, vote for this panel!


Thanks everyone for your support. We appreciate your vote and hope to see you in Austin!

Aug, 08, 2016